So hot you will want to slap ya mama and maybe even your grandma! Beware of the switch or wooden spoon!

When this spice says “Slap ‘Ya Mama” you may just want to do that. Again, she may just have the right to take that wooden spoon to your behind like you are six and stealing cookies before dinner! We know that never turned out well.. but this spice may just be worth it!

 This is is the HOT version that comes in 8oz container of spices that will light the fire needed in your food! Though I will give a warning that if you don’t like the salty taste, then this is not good for a dry rub or a marinade. This is great for seasoning.. With that said I have used this as a spice up some raw hamburger meat and mixed it in then made my patties and they came out delicious and just the right amount of heat.. But you MUST love heat if you want this HOT version. If not.. then you may just want to settle for the kid’s table version they have just called ‘Original’




There is a great recipe on the back that will make a dip that will make the sweat fall down your forehead and make your eyes tear up! But they will be tears of joy! And this is something that everyone will want to try.. For something extra is to add a good craft beer lager (Devils Backbone Vienna Lager) is great to make this into an awesome beer cheese – just take out the mayo & butter.. and and in the beer…

This just has a few ingredients and that is refreshing to see! Plus no MSG and made in the USA. Kosher for those that follow those rules as well!  Slap Ya Mama knows what they are doing.. keeping it all natural!



Their story is quite good too. I always love reading the stories on bottles of spices that will make you smile as you are pouring it  on your food. Slap Ya Mama is sure to deliver if you want that heat. I have used this on Pork, Fish, Beef, Chicken, and even Popcorn. Make sure you have a cold drink of your choice as you enjoy this devil of a spice. I will make a post of my special patty blend of this spice, fresh jalapenos, cheddar cheese and bacon bits all mixed in. This will be a hit at any tailgate or picnic! Tailgating will get kicked up a notch this fall too!


So visit these awesome guys at their site:
Buy it on Amazon: Currently on 3/2/17 it is $7.15 for 8oz
I got mine at The Pepper Palace in Charlotte, NC – I think they have stores around the US and quite a few in the Southeast.. Though we do LOVE our spices around here. I have also seen these in Wal-Mart.. so should be easy to find and try!

Note: I was not paid, influenced, nor asked to do this review. I am just a fan of the spice and getting my blog rolling!


Drop a comment below and tell me what other spices you like.. and if there are others you want me to do a review on!


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  1. Thanks for the love and we’re very happy to hear how much you’ve enjoyed our Hot Blend Seasoning. We hope you get a chance to try all of our products. Thanks again and keep up the great cooking and blogging. Cheers

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