Starting with 2017 Ramadan. I have decided to learn a lot about Islam.  Here you can follow my journey, leave advice, comments, praise, worries, suggestions, and encouragement.

Below are are few books I am reading. I wont go into detail in any of them till I have completed them to be fair and honest to the book and the author of the book (I am not referring to the Qur’an though here)  I do have two English translations and I am interested in seeing the differences as I am not able to read Arabic worth a lick except some transliteration words of it.

I am excited to learn a lot more about Islam, the Qur’an, (Koran?), and more understand of the beliefs, philosophy, and the everyday people that do practice it. Inshallah that I will be posting more regularly under this topic.  I do want to note while I named my website “Muses & Reviews” This has nothing to do with a “Muse” and why it isn’t under that topic. The other parts of my site will have reviews of things I get, muses may be everyday items I love to use or snips of things.

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Until my next post..