Spiceologist Black & Bleu Cajun & Bleu Cheese Rub!

This is a great spice that goes with a lot of meats, fried foods, & more from the Company Spiceologist in Spokane, WA.
The Black & Bleu rub is fantastic!

I was first introduced to this by a service that sends out boxes every quarter called Quarterly.co You really do need to check out some of their subscription boxes
that they offer! It was at first in a box curated by Tim Ferriss and recently brought up again in his 5-Bullet Friday. Quite an amazing newsletter each friday that is short and sweet
plus his blog is really awesome. (FOUR NYT Best-Sellers!) Check him out at http://tim.blog/  (I am not paid to promote him nor the spice, just a fan of both)

As you can see this spice is thick and rich. It has a great smell that will scream bleu-cheese to you! I have used this in rubs on burgers, steaks, fries, and chicken!
I have greatly impressed using this making tilapia fish right before tossing it in frying pan. (Cast Iron of course!)
I often make burger patties with this and also work in some fresh chopped jalapenos and then ball this up so the spice is well mixed in the meat and I will guarantee
you will impress your next picnic with some gourmet burgers that they will beg for the recipe!

I love showing the ingredients in spices as not many do and this is all natural and a short list that you know isn’t full of MSG or other ingredients that you can never spell!

This 4.3 oz bottle will last you a long time. Check it out on Amazon Today!
Or go direct to their sight and buy yourself a few jars of the Spiceologist Black & Bleu Cajun & Bleu Cheese Rub!


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