The Spice Cave – Land – An awesome spice you have to try!

This is a good spice blend. from The Spice Cave at It does have a good garlic and pepper taste to it. It only has a few ingredients and that is a great thing.

The only  ingredients are: Garlic Powder, Onion Granules, Spices, & Himalayan Pink Salt.

And taken from their website it is:

This is also Vegan, Paleo, & Gluten Free. This is perfect for anyone that wants to try to be natural as possible.

The jars are 4oz (113g) and are packed tight. I was able to rub a pork brisket and barely put any dent into the bottle from this.

This blend is for “land” animals and also depends what other flavors are on your food, it will make this either taste great or just “okay”.

I mixed this in some pork brisket I had as well as some sausages (Cheese & Jalapeno) and it came out great. I put some on some breakfast sausages and not so much, it was just okay there. I think the spices that were already there over-powered this.

Also, I always hate it when I don’t see the average expiration date on the bottle, so here you go my friends: 5/2/2018 (On ones I received on 8/15/16)

Order from Amazon today: ($18.95 for two as of 2/26/17) 

The Spice Cave Website:

I hope this helps some and I will be adding more to this post as I continue to experiment with the spice!  #spicecave

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