Warrior Business Bundle Ordered!

On 2/14/2019 I was surfing around during lunch to see any rumors on the Bryce Harper free agency saga, and wanted to see who he was following if any “clues” existed. The fifth person he followed was someone named “Garret J Smith” and checkout his posts. I saw the “The Facts Will Set You Free” book promo. I checked out his website and watched his promo for his current books and services.

I didn’t jump in instantly. I admit I searched “Warrior Book Scam” “Garrett J Smith Scam” and then Searched for various reviews of his book. I cam across quite a few Youtube videos of people doing the Warrior Black Book Warrior Acceleration for sixty days. This what was what made me say fuck it and ordered it. The $46.95 paid for the books, shipping and the add-on of the Warrior’s Way Doctrine seems a low-cost no-risk try to see if this will be motavation in change I need in life and get out of the rut I have been in way too long.

I will start regular posts daily as I progress through the videos in the Warrior’s Way Online and when the books arrive in about a week.

A quick note: I was not paid nor asked to start posts, a blog, promote his books. I am doing this blog to keep me honest when I start the challenge.

His Site to order the book bundle: https://warriorbook.com/business-bundle
YouTube videos mentioned above that were a great conversation about the book by the Gray Bearded Gorilla: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKPDw8Xtr6URd1MyQJhx0Ew/videos
If any of the above rights holders need anything removed from these posts, please comment or reach out to me via email.